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(aka) Zombie Wars: Battle Of The Bone

Director George Clarke challenged the world when he began his first feature, BOTB - a zombie film set on the 12th of July, filled with gore, martial arts, big locations and lots of running! The film very quickly became the most media covered film ever made in Northern Ireland and premiered to an audience of 450 at the Odyssey Cinema where it then ran for 2 weeks from an Xbox.

Battle Of The Bone went on to win the Audience Choice Award at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando in 2008 and a worldwide release on DVD and VOD soon after. It is still used today as a teaching tool in some NI colleges and schools.



(aka) Zombie Games: The Knackery

Working on his lowest budget to date, director George Clarke shot, edited and completed his second feature in just 4 weeks while handling the direction, choreography, cinematography while making his screen debut. The Knackery ran for a week in the Dublin Road Movie House and was picked up for worldwide release on DVD and VOD by Eagle One Media.

The Knackery was screened at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival running just 2 votes shy of the Audience Choice Award. A remake of the film is currently in the works and will expand on the original story planned with added kung fu action and gore!



(aka) The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story

Shot over a period of 12 days, The Last Light represented a change of pace from the usual fast paced action and gore the first 2 productions brought. Created in a classic sense, The Last Light sees Robert Render in his first leading role which won him the Best Actor Award at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival the same year.

Based on director George Clarke's experiences in the very location it was shot in, The Last Light offers no-budget scares that work, and has proven to be Yellow Fever's biggest selling title to date. Available on DVD and VOD worldwide.



(aka) Splash Area: Night Of The Freaks

Clearly missing the fast paced style of his first 2 movies, George Clarke returned to his original 2009 project Splash Area for his goriest show yet, and gangs of killer clowns!

Highlighting a new pool of talent, the horror comedy was the first feature film of Tony Award actor Anthony Boyle (Harry Potter & The Cursed Child; Tolkien) who stars as the lead alongside Leanne Marks and Ruby Campbell. The movie never lets up and won both the Juries Choice Award and Best SFX Award at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in 2012. The team had the pleasure of the great Albert Pyun attend its premiere!


ONUS (2014)

Onus was a spur-of-the-moment film with chapter one shot over 1 week in Norway in 2013, and starred Yellow Fever regular Robert Render alongside the newly discovered talent of Anthony Boyle. The second chapter was shot exactly 1 year later in Northern Ireland adding The Last Light's Vivian Jamison to the cast along with award winning actress Caroline Cooke.

The 2 week production went on to screen at the Silver Springs International Film Festival in Florida as well as the Belfast Film Festival in 2014. One of director George Clarke's personal favorites, Onus got picked up for worldwide release on DVD and VOD by Left Films and offers a whole new direction from all other Yellow Fever movies to that point.



As he had already tackled zombies, ghosts, killer clowns and killers, writer and director George Clarke wanted to set his sights on an 80's style slasher-flick with hints of the famed Texas Chainsaw Massacre and an absurd storyline...

In doing so, The Blood Harvest was created with Robert Render in the lead role and Yellow Fever regular Alan Crawford returning for some insane antics! The film went on to screen at the Singapore International Film Festival winning the Spirit of Independence Award, and picked up another 2 awards at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival for Best SFX and Best Actor once again for Render. Available on DVD and VOD!



A project started in 2017, Mindy Has To Die was to be a 4 week production that quickly got hit with a plague of problems from health issues to a clash of schedules, eventually becoming an unfinished project...

With life back on track and a drive to get things finished, director George Clarke did what he could in 2020 to make sure this adaptation of Jeff Strand's novella (Stalking You Now) saw the light of day. Although it runs shy of its final pages, the film proves to be an entertaining dark-comedy about a serial killer with a grudge, who seems to have met his match. Mindy Has To Die is currently on the festival circuit!

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