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Created by Belfast born film maker George Clarke, Yellow Fever Productions (LTD) opened it's doors in October of 2007 with an energy and ethos that is still unchallenged to this day!


Within it's first decade, the Northern Irish independent studio has helped over 400 people in front of, and behind the camera, to kick-start their love and career in film and has been the launchpad for success stories such as Tony Award winner Anthony Boyle (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; Tolkien; The Plot Against America), Robert Render (Game of Thrones; Ripper Street; Good Vibrations), and stand-up comedian Shane Todd, as well as many others.


In that same period, Yellow Fever Productions has produced 7 award winning features, each of which premiered on the big screen before being released worldwide on DVD and VOD – as well as a host of short films, documentaries, music videos and much more!


In 2009, YFP launched the first Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival,  an event that still runs strong today bringing in an international audience of fans and film makers, along with industry professionals such as producer Mike Leeder and Hollywood director, Albert Pyun.


Yellow Fever Productions has always said, 'Live the dream, spread the fever' and looks forward to it's second decade with a huge slate of new film projects and the launch of many new stars. Whether it's with one

hundred pounds or one million, Yellow Fever Productions does the job!


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